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I am pleased to submit this reference for Tedd Fish and his ministry of hope to the church of Jesus Christ.  Very often as I travel from church to church, I meet hurting people who are seeking a touch from God to remind them of His abundant love and grace.  I have personally seen Tedd accomplish this through his Celebration of Hope concerts in local churches, camp ministry, and at the New England Bible College.  His engaging style and sincere desire to communicate God’s truth brings much needed refreshment to thirsty souls.

I can heartily recommend Tedd Fish as someone who will bless your group and promote God’s grace through song and personal testimony.

Rev. Richard Francis, President, New England Bible College

Tedd Fish has a simple message, "You can come to Jesus Christ no matter what."  His style is easy going and he can disarm the most wounded and defensive person in the crowd.  Tedd's ministry through song and word is an appreciated gift to the body of Christ.  

Pastor Rick Carver, County Road Baptist Church, New Limerick, ME

I had the privilege of meeting Tedd Fish for the first time when he ministered to my church family at the Winterport Baptist Church in January 2011.  I whole-heartily share that the key word is ministered.  Tedd not only shares his spiritual gift of his rich voice in song but he shares his heart with you.  The words of each song coincide beautifully with his re-assuring and comforting words of hope and trusting in the Lord.  His personal trials and life-lessons draw you inward and speak to the heart and draw your focus to the only One delivers true hope which is Christ.  I know personally that his message was extremely applicable to many in my congregation going through hard trials and choices.  It seemed as though a hand-written letter was being delivered to each one of them.  I would encourage anyone to take the opportunity to hear Tedd in concert.  You will get more than just a good song or a style you will get blessed and leave different then when you arrived.

Pastor Aaron Martin,
Winterport Baptist Church in Winterport, ME

Tedd Fish came to our church and gave a wonderful concert of songs that both lifted our spirits and challenged us to trust the Lord even more completely.  His program is simple but don't let the simplicity fool you, the message is first and foremost in all that Tedd sings and shares. His love of Christ and his learning to trust come through clearly and I can say you will be blessed.

Pastor John Dancer, South Somerville Baptist Church

Just a note to say thanks for helping to make our Valentine’s dinner a success.  As always, your music and message were enthusiastically received.  I had one guest exclaim that he knew you would be good but didn’t expect you to be that good and that while you were fighting a cold.  As we both know full well the pews are full of hurting people and on that night those hurts were ministered to.  Thanks till next time.

Pastor Dave Maguire, Lebanon/N. Berwick Baptist Churc

It is with great pleasure that I can endorse Brother Tedd Fish to other churches and ministries as a vessel of honor and praise.  We have become aquainted and friends since we met a couple of years ago.  We have had him at our church twice and look forward to having him again soon.  His compassion for souls is what I like.  His music is easy to listen to and anointed.  He also preaches a fine message.  Your people will be blessed and certainly enjoy Brother Fish. 

Pastor Clyde (Peter) Campbell, Church of Faith, Skowhegan, Maine

Tedd has been a river of fresh water for the thirsty soul. His genuine love for Jesus and care for His people radiates through his words and songs, bringing hope to the hopeless and light in the darkness. Thank you Tedd for being obedient to your calling and letting God use your story to help write a new chapter in the lives of many in need of revival."

Pastor Juan Saa, Lifeway Church, Derry, New Hampshire

We had Tedd Fish come and minister to us in concert back in January 2011 and I would recommend Tedd to any church.  Tedd has a deep rich voice that was applied to well picked songs that ministered to our congregation.  It is obvious that Tedd has a heart for ministry and a love for the Lord that motivates him to reach out to the hurting.  As Tedd himself has gone through some deep waters or “weeds” as he called them, he was able to touch lives and be a great encouragement to all of us at New Hope.  Likewise, as we also have a Homeless Women’s Shelter ministry, the women in the shelter who are going through deep waters themselves could relate to his message in music.  I encourage you to avail yourself of Tedd’s unique ability to communicate God’s love to those who need to hear it.

Pastor Tim Hunt, New Hope Evangelical Free Church, Solon, Main

I want to thank you for ministering to us last Sunday.  Our people were touched by the honesty and sincerity of your message.  You have a unique blend of a fine singing voice and a pastor’s heart when you speak.  It is always exciting to see God work and He definitely did in that concert.  I also want to thank you for the way you kept the pressure off of our sound man in the way you paused between the songs.  We wish you nothing but the best.  We know that God will continue to use you in a mighty way and will pray for you often.

Pastor John Longaker, Fellowship Bible Church, Castleton,  VT

Tedd came and ministered to us over the Christmas holidays, and we were truly blessed as he sang God's praises so beautifully. The love of God is evident in Tedd as he also shared from God's Word and how The Lord led him into this ministry. Truly inspiring!  I highly recommend Tedd's ministry to you. You will be blessed

 Pastor Ernie Abdelnour, Grace Assembly Of God, Salem, NH

I have known Tedd Fish for a year now and our lives have been brought together many times during this short period of time.  We met at a men’s weekend retreat in Central Maine where we worked in concert together so well that the men attending had to have thought we had preplanned our programs.  This amazed us both and we immediately identified it’s  source; our Lord , Jesus Christ. We became fast friends and have worked together several times  since.  I asked my pastor to  invite him to come to our church to both present his concert and preach.  Both were very well received by everyone present, both young and old.  He has been invited back already to present his Christmas Concert  .  I an certain that Tedd will be well received by your church  and you will become  so blessed by his presentation that you will want to have him back soon!

Bill Irwin, Free Indeed Ministries, Sebec, Maine

It was a real delight to have Tedd Fish sing and preach in our Sunday services.  His rich baritone voice is pleasing to the ear, and the words and music to his songs really minister to the soul.  He preached in the morning, and shared his testimony in the evening.  In both messages he spoke from the Word of God to confront us with the love of the Savior, Jesus Christ.  I would encourage any church to have Tedd come to present his concert, which includes a good mix of gospel music that breeds hope and joy.   We're looking forward to have Tedd come back again in the near future.
Pastor Scott Libby
The Grace Brethren Church of Irasburg, VT 

Thank you again for the recent Concert of Hope that you performed here at Columbia Street Baptist Church. We have appreciated your ministry and have enjoyed the words you shared through your story and music to present  His Hope. What a powerful combination!

Pastor Scott McPhedran
Columbia Street Baptist Church, Bangor, Maine

It was our privilege to have Tedd Fish in concert at our church recently. In our world, at this time, the message of hope is one that is desperately needed. Tedd provided that in his ministry to us. Down to earth,   " fleshed out " faith and the sufficiency of Christ. The songs were on target and the experiences that he shared, made them even more so. Would recommend his ministry to you and your church. He comes with no demands and servant attitude. Refreshing.

Pastor Sterling Lawrence
Bethel Pentecosatal Church
Oakfield, Maine

I want to thank you for your ministry with us on Sunday, October 9, 2011. Your message of hope through song and testimony spoke to many hearts that night and brought encouragement to those who have been through the trenches. Some have told me since, that your ministry was just what they needed; to hear your testimony of struggles and trials and how God has given you the ability to move on by His grace and even to sing His praises. I also appreciate how you had the time to pray with me, Pastor Brian and our families. As a pastor, that was the first time that someone who  has come to sing or speak called me up on stage to pray over us..thank you! Again, your tenderness and sensitivity to the Lord and His people was gennuinely felt the other night and we thank God for your ministry with us!

Mark Rockwood, Senior Pastor
Berean Baptist Church
Brunswick, Maine

I want to let you know what a blessing your ministry has been to our church folks at Calvary Baptist in Brewer. The past two concerts were an uplift --just what we needed --and we look forward to you being with us in Feb. of 2012.
God has given you a gift, not only with your ministry, but the message of the word to go with it. We added your ministry to the outreach of Inter-church Ministries and highly recommend it to the pastors and churchs that we interact with. God's continued blessing as you minister to our Lord.

In His Fellowship

Dick Woehr
Inter-church Ministries, Interim director

We appreciated your ministry last Sunday. Several of the songs you did were new to me and I had not heard your personal testimony, so it was interesting and inspiring for me personally. I am also glad you honored the veterans. Your singing style is easy to listen to and you do a great job with your songs.

Pastor Tim Haynes
Calvary Pentecostal Church
Madison, Maine

It was our privilege to have Tedd Fish as our concert artist for the highly successful 2011 Rumney  Bible Conference " Light of the World" Christmas Celebration. Tedd's beautiful music, tender heart and clear testimony to the saving power of Christ filled the event with grace and meaning. We look forward to his ministry here again at the Conference Center.

David Mexcur Ed.D
Bible Conference Director
Rumney New Hampshire

God is working through Tedd. His music is powerful and his words are biblical. Even though Tedd has seen many sunsets, he  is able to relate to all generations. Tedd's desire is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through music and word. He is a story teller that God is using to bring people into the body of Christ and encourage those already in Christ. I thoroughly enjoyed his humor and his depth for God's Glory.

Eric May
Ira Baptist Church
Ira, Vermont

Thanks again for your ministry in  song and word. A great blessing to many. You helped me think more deeply and cleary regarding the issues surrounding Mary's pregnancy, and the cost the couple chose in obedience to God's Plan. I used the Christmas book that you read to us and made it a power point presentation for our Christmas Eve service, so all could see the illustrations. Great stuff! God Bless.

Pastor Ron Parker
Shiloh Chapel
Durham, Maine

Tedd came to our church and performed his Christmas Concert for us. Performed is probably not the right word because what he does during his concert is minister to the people attending. He shares stories from his life, the heart aches from this world, and the joys of a journey with Jesus. It is obvious that this is where God wants Tedd in his walk. Ministering to people comes very naturally to this man and it was such a blessing to have him be part of our Christmas at Pathway.

Kyle Gabri, Site Pastor
Pathway Vineyard
Brunswick, Maine

Thank you so much for your ministry on Feb. 12th where you emphasized the Love of God. It was great to have you back on the same platform where you were ordained 45 yrs ago. Our people were encouraged by your music and stories of God's faithfulness and love that embraced you in the midst of your own personal struggles. May God bless you richly as you continue to serve Him.

Roger Davis,Pastor
Calvary Baptist Church
Brewer, Maine

Thank you, Tedd! I know our people really enjoyed your ministry. It's an unusual mix of cultures, but they are always appreciative of a variety of musical styles and types of worship..as is our Lord!  May you find Him faithful on every hilltop and through every valley as you seek to serve Him.

Rick Francis, Pastor
North Deering Alliance Church
Portland, Maine


The concert that Tedd Fish did at our church was excellent in quality, sweet in presentation and encourageing to all who heard him. I have known Mr.Fish for over 30 years and was most happy to have him come to our church on Sunday. All of our people resoundingly want him again and we plan to do just that. The "laid back" style is truly "him, and you can tell that his excellent music comes from the heart; not from a desire to laud himself, but to glorify his Savior.

In a day when much is made of big theater type defining "entertainment" in the churches, it is so refreshing to have people like Tedd truly minister to the congregation. I cannot say enough about this man's obvious love for the Lord, AND his most excellent voice to minister with pleasantness and sincerity to us who labor day to day in the these times.

Jack Daniels,Pastor
Free Baptist Church
Limerick, Maine

A testimony from a Godly Grandmother:

After your concert at our church, my grandson Logan(who is 7) wanted your newest CD in the worst way. I bought it for him. He listened to it Sunday night in his bed and then again Monday night. Tuesday after school, Logan told me he brought the CD to school so his teacher could listen to it. ( at first I was alittle upset, after all I hadnt even listened to it). His teacher told him she would listen to it when she got a chance and then give it back to him. Tueday night when he went to bed, I asked him what he was going to listen to..because you don't have Tedd Fish's CD,...Logan perked right up and said, "That's ok grandma, I can sing one for you. I know the words already."..To my amazement, he proceeded to sing one of your songs ..He didn't know all the words, but most of them..Just amazing!!! 


Thank you for sharing your heart with us! We enjoyed the music and the stories of how God has worked in your life and ministry! The "Cup of Compensation" was an encouragement. Continue to share the Good News of the gospel, for after all, that is the main thing.

Pastor Harry and Joyce Straub
Hudson Baptist Church
Hudson, Maine

Thank you so much for being with us on Mother's Day. You were such a blessing to everyone
there, young and old. God used you mightly to touch everyone in our congregation. We feel it was a divine appointment and for the young man who got saved, it surely was. Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts.

Pastor Sam and Ruth Francis
Life Church
Bath, Maine


Tedd, it was a blessing to have you minister with us last week. Along with the offering, be assured that our prayers are with you. Also, we, at the church, are behind what the Lord is doing with the ministry that He has given you. As far as singing a duet..I would be delighted to sing with you.

Pastor Gary Leet
Lisbon Free Baptist Church
Lisbon, Maine

We first meet Tedd Fish when he appeared at our church during the fall of 2011 for a fall concert. We were so pleased that we invited him back again during  the summer of 2012 for a Saturday night concert as part of our Summer "Christian Music Concerts on the Park" Series here in northern Vermont. Then,  he graciously agreed to share music and a message the following morning at our regular service.  His message in music and word is very  uplifting and extremely powerful. We know that many lives have been touched by his willingness to share his life and his love of God. If you are or have been considering inviting Tedd to share his ministry with you, don't wait another minute. Do it now! You and all those around you will be blessed.

Rev. Tim and Kathy Stetson
New Life Christian Church
West Berkshire,Vermont

Tedd Fish returned to our church for a Christmas concert. I had missed him on his first visit last year as I was doing a missionary trip. His timely presentation this past Sunday was favorably received by those of all ages. His message was relevant. His spirit was sensitive. His music was well done. I'm already looking forward to having Tedd back again.

Pastor Frank Jewett
Advent Christian Church
Haverhill, Ma.

It was wonderful having you share with us once again the ministry the Lord has given you! Your warm story-telling ability coupled with your rich voice in song blend to form such an inspirational concert. I know that our folks were certainly blessed to have you share this wonderful Christmas Sing-along Concert with us. I highly recommend you and your ministry  to congregations who are looking for inspiration and encouragement!

Pastor Jim Culbertson
Morrill Baptist Church
Morrill , Maine
A few comments after a Sunday morning service at Ira Baptist Church:

A teen said  " I liked Tedd's sermon. It was great. I am glad I came this weekend."

Another teen said, "Great message. Very meaningful and relevant! "

An adult who attends periodically said  " Wonderful sermon. God spoke to me(us)"

May the Lord continue to use your ministry to bring glory to our Lord.

Nancy, Church Secretary
Ira Baptist Church
Ira , Vermont

Tedd, your ministry shows the deep thought and commitment you have to the gospel message! I feel your central spotlight on God's Celebration of Hope in that gospel message is a light whose time has come...because it has been long overdue!
     Your interaction with the congregation is through a warm, generous spirit who has been through not a few fires in life. I personally  feel that perhaps it is God's grace, mercy and generosity that revives your soul and resonates so much in your heart...and it shows, Tedd, by just being who you are. You do not put on a show. You do not parade and promote your wonderful baritone voice, you gave all the glory to God in a very warm personal way. Your retained the honor and integrity of the Worship Service.  I really think people appreciate that authenticity...you know, the real thing... and that, my brother,is not only refreshing, it is the way of God.
      During the service I prayed that hearts would open to the love and life that God still desires for our sakes and salvation... that the Celebration of Hope will find a home in  a people restored, revived, forgiven and blessed through Jesus Christ....and all darkness will be swept away...by the powerful light that shines and still shines, for He is the Love of God for us. From a humble heart, thank you for sharing the gospel. Godspeed

   Dave Walz, Pastor
   1st Congregational Church
   North Anson, Maine

Thank you so much for coming to be with us at I Care Ministries in Millinocket. It was a pleasure to have you share your God given gifts of music and preaching with us. Your ministry impacted many lives and was a great encouragement to me as well. I will highly recommend your ministry to any church or pastor. The message of hope and healing that comes from sharing your own hurts connects well with your audience. It is real and relevant in today's church world. It seems that everywhere I go people are struggling and looking for a word of hope and a prayer encouragement.  You do both very professionally and compassionately. 
May God continue to open new doors of opportunity as you follow His leading and faithfully us your gifts to glorify Him. One observation that I had was that many people who listened to you on Saturday, also came to both services on Sunday to hear you again and again. Keep touching lives for Jesus my friend. You may use my name for reference with anyone.
In Christ
Herschel HAFFORD,Pastor
Millinocket, Me.


Thank you, Tedd for including us in your ministry. We greatly appreciated the timely message of hope that you shared with us. There have been many comments on the message you shared through your testimony, songs, and scriptures. They are looking forward to having you in
in the future.

Scott Mc Phedran,Pastor
First Baptist Church
South Berwick,Maine
God bless you as you continue your ministry. It was our pleasure to have you with us. Your music and testimony were
a blessing. We pray for God's continued blesssings on your life and ministry.Thank you for your time to minister to us. We look forward to having you come visit us again.

Pastor John Bartz and Joe Horton
New Beginnings Community Church
Palm City, Florida

Tedd Fish is truly a great man of God. He has an incredible heart of compassion and brings the wonderful message of
HOPE to his audience through his inspired  music ministry. His music and his heart will surely touch and inspire his listeners.
If you are are looking for a way to connect with people who love music, especially Southern Gospel, I would strongly encourage
you to invite Tedd to be a guest. As a Lead Pastor, I realize sometimes I don't invite guests simply because I do not have the time
or energy to host or entertain them. I know that may sound terribel to some out there, excuse my transparency. Tedd is
VERY easy going, non-assuming and the most low maintenance musician I have ever worked with. You will blessed just
spending a few minutes with him.

I highly recommend without any reservations....Tedd Fish

Craig Ripotella, Pastor
Centerpoint Community Church
Waterville, Me.

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